5 Tricks To Packing Artwork That No One Will Tell You

A long distance move is nothing to take lightly. You have to pack your belongings carefully if you want them to survive the multi-day trek in a moving truck. Your artwork, especially, needs special attention before the trip.  1. Right Side Up: Many limited edition prints are framed using archival methods, which means using acid-free materials and a different mounting method than standard prints and posters. To mount a limited edition print in the matting, framers use archival tape at the top of the print and let it hang loosely. [Read More]

Moving Your Funerary Business: What Moving Companies Can Do For You

Moving any sort of business has its special considerations. Most businesses are fairly easy to move; you just pack up your products and equipment, put it on a truck, and go. However, a funerary business is a little different. There are definitely some special considerations involved. However, a moving company can still help you with all of the following. Moving Urns You can hire a moving crew to pack up cremation urns just as they would pack up any other sort of vase or knick-knack. [Read More]