5 Tricks To Packing Artwork That No One Will Tell You

A long distance move is nothing to take lightly. You have to pack your belongings carefully if you want them to survive the multi-day trek in a moving truck. Your artwork, especially, needs special attention before the trip. 

1. Right Side Up: Many limited edition prints are framed using archival methods, which means using acid-free materials and a different mounting method than standard prints and posters. To mount a limited edition print in the matting, framers use archival tape at the top of the print and let it hang loosely. This method preserves the print's value to a collector. When you pack this type of art, however, you must mark which end is up to prevent that mount from breaking. 

2. Back-to-Back: Once wrapped, framed picture need to be placed back-to-back and front-to-front. If you simply stack them front to back then the hardware from one frame will damage the delicate surface of the frame behind it. Back-to-back allows the hardware to only rub against more hardware and front-to-front places two soft frame against each other where they cannot be harmed. 

3. 'X' Marks the Spot: Any artwork that has a glass front should get a giant 'X'. Place packaging tape from corner to corner on the glass to form an 'X'. If the glass breaks during the move, the tape will hold it together and in place. Without it, the glass would slide around the surface of the artwork and tear it to shreds. Glass is easy to replace. Art is not. 

4. Special Boxes: Just like plasma televisions, computer monitors, and other electronics, you can buy special boxes to house your artwork. These boxes come with honeycomb padding and are designed to hold your art securely. While they are an pricey, you can either save for a future move or you can re-sell them to someone in your new city who is planning a big move. 

5. Get Insurance: Talk to your insurance agent before the move. Do you need to change your policy for when your belongings are in the moving truck? Is your art covered on your insurance policy or should you buy a special rider to ensure full replacement value? Do you have all the paperwork you need to prove its worth and authenticity? 

Moving artwork long distances doesn't have to be a scary prospect, if you pack it securely, store it correctly, and have it insured fully. Contact a service, like Pikes Peak Moving & Storage, for more help.