Moving Your Funerary Business: What Moving Companies Can Do For You

Moving any sort of business has its special considerations. Most businesses are fairly easy to move; you just pack up your products and equipment, put it on a truck, and go. However, a funerary business is a little different. There are definitely some special considerations involved. However, a moving company can still help you with all of the following.

Moving Urns

You can hire a moving crew to pack up cremation urns just as they would pack up any other sort of vase or knick-knack. That is easy enough to do. You may even still keep a lot of urns pre-packaged and in boxes in the back of your store, in which case, the movers just have to seal those boxes and put them on the truck. As for urns that were ordered by customers, phone them to make sure the urns are picked up by a certain date, or they will have to come and get them from your new location a week after the move.

Moving Gravestones

​An inventory of gravestones has to be moved very carefully. Each stone and marker should be wrapped in moving blankets to prevent scratching and etching from other stones and other surfaces. Then they have to be stacked on a pallet and secured, preferably with shrink wrap, before being placed on a moving truck. Finally, it is a really good idea to wrap another large moving blanket around the shrink-wrapped stack and then securing it to a bar inside the truck with bungee cords. This whole approach will keep the stack immobile and prevent the gravestones from becoming damaged while in transit.

Moving Coffins

​If you also sell coffins and caskets, you will need to move these as well. Most of these can be loaded into a moving truck and placed flat on the floor. More than one mover will have to be present that day, as caskets and coffins are a lot heavier than they look. If you need to move more than twenty of them, it is a good idea to lay moving blankets over the tops of the first layer of caskets/coffins, then place large pieces of plywood over the tops of the blankets to create an addition flat level for the rest of the coffins/caskets that you need to load. Do not go higher than two layers, and do not try to stack things that have rounded tops without placing something protective and something flat on top.