Moving And Taking Vacation? 4 Tips For Success At Both

Moving houses doesn't always happen at a convenient time. When your schedule includes changing homes and going on vacation in short succession, you may feel that you must give up one or the other to make it work. But you can move and take a vacation around the same time by following a few key tips. Here are four to consider.

1. Outsource the Move 

You can only focus on so much, so pick your battles. Where should you put your energy and time? Preparing for a vacation is usually something that only you and your family can do. Packing for a move, on the other hand, is something that professional movers can take care of. So let them. Outsource as much of the pre-move work as you can afford. 

2. Schedule Both Together

Can you time both your move and your vacation together? This may sound counterintuitive, but it could simplify the whole process. Why? 

If you pack up your home and hand off your things to the movers, you have nothing to worry about while on vacation. You don't need to prepare the house, get a house-sitter, or prepay bills. Many moving companies will also store your things for as long as you need. And when you return, you'll have a clean and new home in which to start off fresh. 

3. Use One as a Test Run

Look at either the move or the vacation as a sort of trial run for the other. In both cases, you may need to pack for a few days or longer, go on a road trip, fly commercial, or just be away from the conveniences of home. 

This means that whichever you do first will serve to make your second trip better. Look at any errors or problems as a learning experience for what's to come. 

4. Pack Luggage Only Once

The more you can coordinate your trip needs, the less work both the move and the vacation will be. Coordinate the two in terms of clothing, accessories, travel gear, and luggage. Try to reuse as much as you can for the sake of simplicity. Place items you will hand-carry during the move in a separate piece of labeled luggage. 

Where to Start

No matter what challenges you face as you plan to move, the best place to begin is by meeting with a local moving company. They will work with you and use their expertise to help you find the right timing and approach for success.