4 Supplies You Need When Packing Up Your Home

The packing process will go a lot smoother if you have the right packing supplies on hand. The right packing supplies will help you stay organized and will keep your belongings safe as well.

#1 Boxes

Of course, you are going to need some boxes to pack things up. The key is to make sure you have the right boxes.

Small boxes, or book boxes, are good for a lot more than books. They are great for packing up all the dry goods in your pantry, for packing up your small appliances, and for your movie and video game collection. Small boxes are great for small things and items that tend to be heavier, such as books and canned goods.

Medium boxes are best used for things that are more oversized, such as lamps, toys, and oversized pots and pans. The key to medium boxes is to keep the weight light.

Large boxes should be used sparingly and really only for things that are lightweight, like towels, blankets, and clothing.

On top of the typical small, medium, and large box sizes, there are numerous specialty boxes you can purchase as well.

Wardrobe boxes help you easily move the clothes in your closet without having to take everything off the hangers. Dish boxes help cushion your dishes and keep them safe during transport. Mirror boxes are great for moving both mirrors and paintings.

#2 Bubble Wrap

For moving, pick up some giant rolls of bubble wrap. You can get an entire box of bubble wrap at most all-purpose general stores or moving supply stores. When wrapping breakable items, don't skimp on the bubble wrap. Wrap the item going vertically, then double-wrap it going horizontally and seal the bubble wrap in place with a strip of tape.

#3 Industrial-Sized Plastic Wrap

Next, grab some industrial-sized plastic wrap. This type of plastic wrap is more like three to five feet in length and is the perfect way to protect your furniture. Wrap the plastic wrap all around your furniture to protect it from rain, dust, and dirt during the moving process. Plastic wrap is the perfect way to protect items that are too large to box up.

#4 Labels & Multi-Colored Pens

Finally, make sure you have labels and multi-colored pens. Use the different colored labels and pins to label the boxes and create your own organization system. Perhaps you use a different colored label for each room in your home, or maybe you number your boxes to keep track. Just make sure you have a system that makes sense to you and allows you to keep track of everything.

In addition to boxes, bubble-wrap, industrial-sized plastic wrap, labels and pens, you are also going to need packing tape. Set up all your supplies in a central packing station and use that station to facilitate all your packing.

For more information about the supplies you might need for your next move, contact a team of movers in your area.