Are You Moving To A House In Your Same Neighborhood?

When you consider the very first move you made as newlyweds, you probably moved everything you owned right in your car, or maybe with one small trailer to hold all of your belongings. Another move after you were established might have involved a huge moving van, and maybe even a second one. Now that you are moving to a different house right in your same neighborhood, you will more than likely be needing more than a car and more than a single small trailer. On the other hand, you probably won't need to spend the money that would be required to arrange for moving vans to relocate you and your family.

From getting your own household belongings packed to arranging for the hiring of a rental truck and a rental truck driver, here are some ideas that might help your move to be a smooth one. 

Do Your Own Packing - Unless you are in a super big hurry, getting your things packed shouldn't be that stressful. Think of having a family meeting where you ask every family member to get rid of things they don't want or need anymore. If you plan to have a yard sale, tell the kids they can have the money from the sale of their own things. Have packing boxes ready for things like clothes and get kids and your spouse to help you with that job. Mark boxes with the rooms the clothes go to in the new house. As a family, pack things like games, puzzles and other things that are probably in the family room.

If you have fragile things like china, crystal and other precious belongings, consider packing them yourself. By doing that, if something does break, nobody will feel guilty about ruining something that was dear to you. If you have large items, maybe heavy mirrors and paintings in heavy frames, think of getting crates in which to pack them.

Hire A Rental Truck Driver - This might be one of those times you wished you had a truck. No problem. You will more than likely be able to easily find an individual who will be happy to help you move your belongings to your new house in his or her own truck. Paying somebody to do the job will probably be some of the smartest money you'll spend on the move. Hire a person who has experience in helping to move people to new locations.  By doing so, you will more than likely even get help in packing the truck and in unpacking your belongings at the new house. 

When you make arrangements for the rental truck driver to do the job for you, be very specific about the day and time you want him or her to arrive at your house. And, let him or her know at least an estimate of how many things you have to move so that he or she will know about how many trips the move will take.