3 Things Most People Forget About When Moving

You may have found your next residence, scheduled the installation of utilities, and even secured new employment for your upcoming move. However, there are still many tasks to do and errands to run before and after your moving day. If you are planning a move soon, avoiding mistakes is key to a successful and efficient experience. Here are a few things most people forget about when moving.

Free Moving Boxes

There are instances where you probably do need to purchase moving boxes and packing supplies. For example, if you are moving a flat-screen TV or a large mirror, consider investing in packing boxes and materials specifically made for these items. For everyday essentials and basic household items, free boxes are always better.

Fortunately, there are many ways to find free moving boxes. To get started, consider contacting local grocery stores and discount chains to determine if they have any free boxes available.

Also, join social media groups in your local area and search for others who are offering their old moving boxes and packing materials for free.

Canceling Memberships/Closing Accounts/Stopping Services

Another thing many people forget is to cancel memberships when they are moving. This is especially important if you are moving to an entirely new city, state, or even country, since you will not be able to pop in to close accounts and cancel services.

Visit gyms, studios, clubs, and other organizations that you or family members belong to in order to cancel memberships and services. Also, if you have any video, game, or book rentals, return these before moving day.

Pick up dry cleaning before you move, and check and close P.O. boxes at your local post office.

In addition to the above errands, you should also remember to visit doctors' offices and schools to gather records that must be brought to new medical providers/schools once you move.

Hiring Movers

Finally, you need to remember to hire your movers as soon as possible—especially if you will be moving during one of the busier times of the year. The summer is the busiest time of the year because of various reasons, which may include school/vacation calendars and improved weather.

Most experts believe you should schedule your movers at least 8 weeks before moving day. Of course, the earlier, the better to ensure you and your movers are ready.

Moving does not have to be complicated. Keep in mind these things that people commonly forget about when moving.