Moving And Have A Large Upright Piano? 2 Tips To Get The Piano Moved To Your New Home

If you are moving and have a large upright piano it can be difficult to remove without causing damage to it. To help you, below are tips to prepare the piano for the move, as well as getting it to its new home in one piece.

Prepare the Piano

Before you start, check the casters to ensure they are clean. Dirty casters may prevent the piano from moving properly.

The main thing you need to do to prepare your piano for moving is to wrap it in thick padding or blankets. If the piano keys will be exposed, they can be covered with a special type of plastic that is easily removed once the piano arrives at your new home. Every piece of wood or other materials needs to be wrapped. This will prevent the piano from being scratched.

If you are not sure about this, contact a piano company in your area, like Affordable Piano Movers & Storage , for tips on preparing your piano for the move.

Clear out a large path to move the piano from the room to make things easier for you and to prevent the piano from knocking into something.

Hire a Moving Company

The best thing for you to do is to hire a moving company to move the piano for you. Make sure the company you hire is experienced at moving large items, like pianos. They will help you get the piano ready and can provide you with all the supplies needed, such as the wrapping materials. The moving company may wrap the piano for you to ensure it is done correctly.

Once the piano is ready the moving company will use large dollies to roll the piano to the moving truck. More than one dolly will likely be used. Several moving employees will assist with moving the piano.

The moving truck will have a ramp for the movers to easily roll the piano onto the truck. Once it is inside, they will secure the piano using thick cords, so it will not move. They will likely put the piano in the truck first and then put smaller items in front of it. This is because larger items have less of a chance of moving when resting against the back of the inner truck.

Ask the moving company if you have questions about this and they can give you much more information to help you understand how the process work.