Using Plastic To Pack For A Move

Packaging materials such as cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, brown paper, and packing tape are among the classic common packaging materials to use during a move. However, plastic materials such as sturdy plastic bins, air pillows, and zip bags can also have a place in your packing activities.

Here are some things to consider when using plastic to pack for a move.

Do use plastic bins for sturdiness and moisture resistance

While cardboard boxes may be a more traditional option for packing up your belongings during a move, you can choose plastic bins for your belongings as well. Some of the top benefits of choosing plastic bins include moisture resistance and sturdiness.

If you're tired of cardboard boxes that collapse when you place weighty items inside, consider using plastic bins instead.

Don't leave plastic-packed items in the sun

Plastic bins and plastic bags can help keep moisture out of your packed belongings, but you need to be careful not to leave these bins in the sunlight at any point during your packing and moving process. Direct sun can heat the bin and cause condensation to gather on the inside surface since plastic isn't breathable enough to prevent this buildup.

The collected condensation could then cause moisture damage to whatever you placed in the bin. So if you're using plastic packaging to avoid moisture damage, be sure not to let the sun heat the plastic.

Do use sealed plastic to keep bugs out

If you have expensive, vulnerable, or irreplaceable items of sentimental value, you'll want to keep them safe during your move. One potential threat to expensive clothing and decor can be bugs such as wool moths, cockroaches, and carpet beetles. Sealed plastic bags or plastic bins that close tightly can help you keep bugs from taking up residence in your belongings during the move. Protecting against intruders can be especially important if your items will be stored a storage unit before you move into your new home.

Don't buy plastic padding

While you can spend money on plastic bubble wrap and air pillows for padding, a more environmentally friendly idea is to use paper or pre-owned bubble wrap. For instance, you can often find bubble wrap and similar packing materials listed for free on local online marketplaces. Or you can ask your family and friends to save any bubble wrap that comes with their packages in the mail.

These are some things to consider when choosing packaging materials to start packing for a move. Choosing plastic materials for the right applications and using paper and cardboard when you don't need plastic can help you keep your costs and environmental impact low while still getting the functionality you need.

For more help with your move, contact local movers for assistance with packing and transporting your possessions.