On The Road Again: What To Do When You Finally Find A Place To Settle Down

The biggest problem with having to constantly relocate for your job is that you never have time to unpack. You may even have placed all of your belongings in storage until you can finally settle down. This is probably for the best since frequently having to move your stuff from one location to the next (and sometimes back again) does not accomplish much. While your stuff sits in storage, waiting for the day when it can emerge and go into a home, you can just be looking for someplace to stay for good. When you finally find that place, here is what you can do with your stuff. 

Contact the Storage Company

If you secured a storage unit with a moving company, this next part will work in your favor. You just have to contact the storage company and ask them to bring all of the contents of your unit to you. If you left them a spare key for the lock, this is easy enough to do. Otherwise, give them permission to cut the lock, or mail them a spare key. If the company does not move stuff themselves, you may still be able to get your things forwarded to your new (and now permanent) address. 

Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is getting a heavy load packed onto a truck and shipped to the address of the person who owns the load. In your case, you are making a formal request of the storage company to put your entire storage unit's contents into a truck and forward the truck to your address. You agree to pay the fees associated with this service, which typically include shipping fees, driver fees, gas costs, and mileage fees. It is essentially a moving expense even though you are not with your belongings and the belongings have been held in storage for some time. 

Pod Storage Makes It All Easier

There are a lot of moving companies now that offer pod storage. These are moving crates that are still large enough to resemble freight crates, but small enough that there will not be a lot of space left inside after you pack all of your stuff into one. If you choose this approach, the moving company handles pick-up and drop-off of the mobile storage unit, you pack the unit to the gills and lock it up, and then the pod is stored in the moving company's warehouse until you request that the pod be moved to your new location and deposited there. There, you can unload it and the moving company collects their pod a few days later.